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Originally from Australia, I currently live in Tokyo where I have spent many years designing theatre costumes. I am trained as an architect, and I have always had an interest in finding and creating beautiful design. For the long time I have lived and travelled in Asia, I have sought out interesting textiles and thought about how best to use them. I am excited by the challenge of incorporating fabric made for one purpose and from one culture into new products. Combining fabrics from various different cultures that I’ve collected serendipitously is also a pleasure.

Asia has a huge range of cloth patterned in a vast variety of techniques. I am interested in any and all traditional dyeing technique including ikat (yarn-bound resist called kasuri in Japanese), shibori (tie dye), block printing, batik, stencil dyeing and also embroidery and weaving techniques. I take pleasure in the most humble of fabric as well as the very finely detailed and embellished work that goes into garments for the wealthy and the aristocracy.

Through these products I have created, I hope to enhance your appreciation for textiles created by traditional means, give new life to older or imperfect kimono and obi, and to find new uses for fabrics still made in a traditional way or for traditional purposes. I wish to promote the pleasure of using textiles created for another purpose in another culture into our daily lives.

I encourage you to appreciate, enjoy and use the fine cloth of Asia.

Linda Polgar

If you have any questions, comments or problems please contact me at textiles<at>linda<dot>asia

Although I believe we should enjoy these wonderful old or traditionally crafted textiles, old textiles are not always strong. While I have tried to select fabrics for strength as well as beauty and purpose, please treat with respect.